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The main processing method of seamless square pipe
Date:2019-12-04      View(s):516      Tag:seamless square pipe

The processing of seamless square pipes is that the seamless square pipes undergo pressure processing to plastically deform the processed steel (blank, ingot, etc.). According to the seamless square tube processing temperature, the seamless square tube is divided into two types: cold processing and hot processing. The main processing methods of seamless square pipes are:


(1) Rolling: The seamless square tube metal billet is passed through the gap (various shapes) of a pair of rotating rolls. The pressure reduction method of reducing the cross-section of the data and increasing the length due to the contraction of the rolls is the consumption of seamless Pipe is a commonly used consumption method, mainly used to consume seamless square pipe profiles, plates, and pipes. It is divided into cold rolling and hot rolling.


(2) Forging seamless square tube: a pressure processing method that uses the reciprocating impact of a forging hammer or the pressure of a press to change the billet into the shape and size we need. It is generally divided into free forging and die forging, and it is often used as a material for consuming large materials, open billets, and other seamless square pipes with large cross-sectional dimensions.


(3) Drawing seamless square tube: The processing method of drawing the rolled metal blank (mold, tube, product, etc.) through the die hole to reduce the cross-section and increase the length is mostly used for cold processing.


(4) Extrusion: It is a seamless square tube processing method that puts metal in a closed extruder, and applies pressure at one end to extrude the metal from a regular die hole to obtain a waste with the same shape and size. For consumer non-ferrous metal seamless square tube.

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