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The construction technique of carbon steel fittings
Date:2019-11-14      View(s):175      Tag:carbon steel fittings

The starting point for the production of carbon steel fittings are welded steel pipes or sheets of the desired thickness which are treated differently depending on the part to be made.


HYDROFORMING a process used in particular in the realization of normal or reduced tees, or the forming of the lateral branch of the tube through the action of a liquid under pressure, generally oil


DRAWING: a process carried out on sheet metal through the action of a press, usually cold-pressed, which serves to give the fittings greater resistance to yielding


FORGING: hot forging is a motion similar to drawing but makes the final product more ductile than a deep-drawn product, usually these two processing techniques are used for open products such as dished ends.


HOT DEFORMATION: after having brought the tube to the most suitable temperature for the process, through the shaped punches, the material is deformed to produce details such as normal or wide curved curves. This is one of the most consolidated processes ever. In fact, the experience and know-how developed over the years have allowed us to achieve the realization of components in which the constancy of the thickness is an important plus, we recall that for example in the curves the cut made to achieve angles lower than 90 ° leads anyway to have a section of circular head of constant thickness.
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