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The Product Advantages of Fire Fighting Steel Pipe
Date:2020-08-21      View(s):425      Tag:Fire Fighting Steel Pipe

We all know that fire pipe is an important product for industrial and building safety. Let's take a look at the advantages of fire fighting steel pipe!

 Prodcut Advantages of Fire Fighting Steel Pipe: 

1. Fire Fighting Steel Pipe has strong flame retardant ability. Under the combustion test of alcohol blowtorch, the coating has no spontaneous combustion and does not fall off.

2. Good mechanical properties and high strength of fire fighting steel tubes.It has strong bearing capacity, impact resistance and bending resistance.
3. Fire Fighting Steel Pipe corrosion resistance is strong.It has good resistance to high expansion foam extinguishing agent corrosion and protein foam extinguishing agent corrosion.
4. Fire Fighting Steel Pipe water resistance is small, energy saving.The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth and fine, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of transportation.

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