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Stainless steel pipe for food and bioengineering transmission
Date:2018-12-11      View(s):391      Tag:seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe

Even for stainless steel pipe, there are lots of types for it. Different treatment for them would give them various functions. Today, we’d like to share the process treatment for food, beverage and other sanitary stainless tube’s.


Three main kinds would be here for stainless steel pipes used for food and beverage transmission: surface finish, oil ban and passivation layer.

Surface finish: Inner and outer surface should be polished bright to guarantee the quality of the pipeline. The special goal is to prevent the fluid material in the tube from forming a wall in the tube, which is prone to contamination and forms a tube blockage.

Passivation layer: Stainless steel pipe needed to be placed in a passivation tank for immersion after polishing, thus, we can get the purpose of corrosion resistance of the steel pipe

Oil ban: When we finished passivation, we will test with a grease analyzer, so we can prevent the oil pollution of the pipe wall itself from contaminating the fluid material in the pipe.

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