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Six methods for care of stainless steel pipe
Date:2018-12-05      View(s):785      Tag:seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, steel pipeline

For stainless seamless steel pipe, there are some basic methods for the care of it to extend the service life of stainless steel. By preventing contact with corrosive substances would be one of them. And if we follow these best practices when working with stainless steel, we will get better result.


There are seven common ways to care of the stainless steel pipe.

1. Using stainless steel tools and components always would be necessary.

2. Avoid any contact with carbon steels, concrete detergents or iron.

3. Do not weld, cut, drill or grind carbon steel near stainless steel.

4. When power washing nearby surfaces, wrap stainless steel with plastic.

5. If chloride solutions or concrete detergents contact stainless steel, rinse immediately.

6. Never scrub with steel wool or other abrasive scrubbing pads.


With careful protect for stainless steel pipe, clients will use them for a relative long time for engineering project. 

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