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Sharp stainless steel tube production process and main features
Date:2019-10-17      View(s):472      Tag:stainless steel tube

Sharp stainless steel tubes are widely used in the production of various mechanical parts when they are used. Their accuracy requirements are relatively high when they are operated, so they must pass their complicated processes and strict inspection before they can leave the factory. In addition, with the continuous development of science and technology, the production process of stainless steel pipe drilling has been continually improved and improved, which has greatly promoted the improvement of the production efficiency of honing pipe.


In order to make the stainless steel pipe more efficient, we have adopted a new production process in the transformation process. During operation, it will be produced through powerful and automated grinding grinding, which includes the use of electricity or ultrasonic grinding method to complete the production task.


The good production process in stainless steel, honing tube is an inevitable improvement in production efficiency. We use the above various types of grinding methods to produce the grinding tube and achieve great results. The grinding of the circle and the outer circle is no longer necessary. It's a problem. I believe that if we continue to work hard, we will surely achieve better results.


The stainless steel honing tube needs to effectively see the sand particles on the abrasive belt in the daily working process to generate a certain pressure, the product grinding surface under a certain rotation speed, up and down movement of the abrasive belt through Effective workpiece the upper and lower surfaces grind back and forth to achieve a certain effect. Of course, during the grinding process, it is necessary to add oil and calm so as not to affect the surface quality of the part to be worked continuously. The parts thus obtained are only rough machined parts, and products that require very good precision require a finishing process.


Features of sharp stainless tube


1.The outside diameter is smaller.


2. High precision can be made in small batches.


3. High precision cold drawn, good surface quality.


4. The cross-sectional area of steel pipe is more complicated.


5. steel pipe performance is superior, metal is more dense.

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