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Pipeline cleaning method
Date:2020-04-20      View(s):384      Tag:Pipeline cleaning method

1. Chemical cleaning

The method is to use chemical agents to temporarily modify the pipeline, and use the temporary pipeline and circulating pump station to perform chemical cleaning from both ends of the pipeline. The technology has the characteristics of strong flexibility, no requirements on the shape of the pipeline, fast speed and thorough cleaning.


2. High-pressure water cleaning

This method uses high-pressure water jet to carry out high-pressure water jet peeling and cleaning on the inner surface of the pipeline. This technology is mainly used for short-distance pipelines, and the diameter of the pipeline must be greater than 50cm. The technology has the characteristics of fast speed and low cost.


3. PIG pigging

This method relies on the driving force generated by the pump to drive the fluid to drive the PIG forward in the pipe, and the dirt accumulated in the pipeline is discharged out of the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This technology is widely used in various types of process pipelines, oil and gas pipelines and other cleaning projects, especially for the cleaning of pipelines that transport fluids over long distances. It has the advantage that other technologies cannot be replaced.

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