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One picture showing PE coated steel pipe manufacturing process
Date:2018-12-07      View(s):799      Tag:ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe

Primesteeltube company is taking charge of exporting steel pipe products for customers. No matter ERW steel pipe or other categories for pipelines, here would be deserve your stay.


Today, we'd like to explain the PE coated tube’s production process with one photo. Some customers would bluster for the bad quality of steel pipes for they may corrode in working environment. For this situation, PE coated steel pipeline can be used for natural gas, petroleum, water & sewage, and pipe systems.

The detailed categories would be divided into three kinds:

PE Coated Pipe: 1st Layer is of Epoxy coating which acts as Anti-Corrosive Layer.

2PE Coated Pipe: 2nd Layer is of Adhesive coating which acts as Tie layer between Epoxy and PE/PP.

3PE Coated Pipe: 3rd layer is of Polyethylene/Polyethylene coating which provides mechanical strength to the coating.


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