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Main inspection process for hot-rolled and cold rolling seamless steel pipe
Date:2019-01-02      View(s):223      Tag:seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe

For general seamless steel pipe, there are two types of production process which are hot rolling and cold drawing. What's the main differences for these two production processes? Today, we shall have a look at it.


Main inspection process for hot-rolled seamless steel pipe would be this:

Tube blank preparation and inspection Tube heating Perforation Rolling tube Steel tube reheatingFixed (reduced) diameterheat treatment finished tube straighteningfinishinginspection (non-destructive, physicochemical, Taiwan inspection)Warehousing.


Main inspection process for cold drawing seamless steel pipe would be this:

blank preparation pickling lubrication cold rolling (pull) heat treatment straightening finishing inspection.


From the production streamline, we will figure out the differences here. And this would give us help next time when we need to purchase the rightful seamless steel pipe for engineering project. 

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