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Introduction of Q345E steel pipe
Date:2022-08-08      View(s):108      Tag:Introduction of Q345E steel pipe

Introduction of Q345E steel pipe

Q345E steel pipe cutting and retailing, Q345E steel pipe price consultation, Q345E steel pipe is a low-alloy high-strength steel pipe with good low-temperature impact performance; the steel grade is composed of three parts: the Chinese pinyin letter representing the yield strength, the yield strength value, and the quality grade symbol. . in:

Q is the yield strength;

345 represents the yield strength value, in MPa;

E represents the grade (passed the -40 degree impact test);

Executive standard: GB/T 1591-2008; : Standard GB/T 1591-2018 Low-alloy high-strength structural steel Replace Q345 with Q355 and related requirements.

Chemical composition of Q345E steel pipe:

C:≤0.18 Si:0.20-0.60 Mn:1.00-1.60 P:≤0.025 S:≤0.025 Ni:≤0.30 Cr≤0.30 Cu:≤0.20 Al:≥0.015 V:0.02-0.15 Nb:0.015-0.06

Mechanical properties of Q345E steel pipe:

Tensile strength: 490-675 Yield strength: ≥345 Elongation: ≥22

Q345E steel pipe is mainly used to manufacture steel for low temperature environment resistant to 0--40°C. It is mainly divided into low temperature resistant structural parts made of low alloy high strength steel resistant to low temperature environment, and low temperature pressure used in primary low temperature production conditions. Containers, cryogenic storage and transportation equipment, cryogenic pipelines or process pipelines, etc.

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