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How to transport steel pipe safely
Date:2018-09-14      View(s):250      Tag:ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe

We cannot ignore the last step for the final steel pipe. And it is the transmission. How to transport steel pipe, like ERW steel pipe and seamless steel tube safely would be an important lesson for us to learn.


Here is a kind of method of transport for the square steel pipe I’ve seen on my way home. From the picture, can you tell us the right and wrong points?

As far as I’m concerned, here are some points we need to pay attention to.

First of all, there is no protection for pipe’s end. We should use plastic plugs in both ends to make quality of each end.

Then, for the method of packaging, it may not so proper. Hexagonal bundles of max is necessary for these square steel pipes. Of course, with several steel strips are also okay.

What’s more, wrapped these steel pipes in waterproof paper may be important. What should we do to keep the high quality of pipes if we meet the rain day?


In general, there are so many points we need to focus on for the transportation of the steel pipes.


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