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How to keep a seamless steel pipe?
Date:2019-11-14      View(s):609      Tag:seamless steel pipe

No matter what type of material is made of the pipe that needs to be maintained, of course, the seamless steel tube also needs to take some maintenance, although the seamless steel tube has a strong resistance to corrosion and wear , but in the encounter with some strong acids or strong alkaline substances they will cause a certain impact. In life it is not difficult to find friends in the rust of seamless steel pipe, so it is very necessary to maintain the seamless steel pipe.


Maintenance of seamless steel tubes:


Many people know that knowledge of seamless steel tube is greater, but many people only know the production, sales, use, etc. of knowledge of the seamless steel tube, but there is still a part that is very important, it is maintenance and maintenance!


Seamless steel pipes in the production of seamless steel pipes will be involved in the process of pickling steel pipes. For the staff, in the pickling of seamless steel tubes when we must pay attention to what the problem is.


1. You must wear work protection products before pickling. A detailed inspection should also be carried out for the work environment of the site, mainly to verify if the steel pipe sling is in good condition, confirm that it is well before operation.


2. In acid pickling, acid pickling is mainly pickling hydrochloric acid. Generally, the hydrochloric acid content is from 18% to 20%.


3. Workers also need to know the concentration and temperature of the acid and the tonnage of the pickling tube before the operation. These can be tested using professional measuring equipment.


4. It is better to control the weight between 2 and 5 tons and the time between 5 and 15 minutes to strip steel tubes. The time must be adjusted according to the amount of weight. The steel tube in the pickling process also needs frequent vibration, when it goes to the acid through the tube, the steel tube must bear the inclination, prevents the hydrochloric acid from accidentally injuring the person.

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