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How to determine the material of straight seam steel pipe
Date:2023-11-30      View(s):183      Tag:How to determine the material of straight seam steel pipe
For the straight seam steel pipe, the material should belong to a steel product with a wide range of use frequency. It has a wide range of applications in engineering construction and equipment production! With the continuous improvement of market technology, the production process of longitudinally welded pipe is also in continuous progress. However, the material of the straight seam steel pipe has more important instructions during the use process. The straight seam steel pipe has a gap with the seamless pipe in terms of compression resistance and extension! The materials of straight seam steel pipes are mostly Q235B, Q345B, Q345C, etc., and customers come to choose and order. Our factory produces and manages straight seam steel pipes, galvanized straight seam steel pipes, thermally expanded straight seam steel pipes, large-diameter straight seam steel pipes, etc. with diameters of 57-1620mm and wall thicknesses of 2-60mm. Commonly used materials are Q235B, 16Mn, Q345B, L245, L290, X42~X70. The products are produced in strict accordance with GB/T3091-2001 standard, American standard ASTM-A53, ASTMA500 standard, British standard German standard DIN2440/2444 standard, European standard EN10255/10240; EN10219 standard. 
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