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Housing plumbing fittings
Date:2023-09-20      View(s):135      Tag:Housing plumbing fittings
Pipe fittings include garbage pipes, flues, ventilation ducts, air-conditioning pipes, water supply and drainage pipes, gas pipes, cable pipes, goods conveyance shafts, etc., and are part of the building.

Garbage pipe
Vertical pipelines for conveying domestic waste in multi-storey and high-rise buildings are mostly installed in the walls of the building's stairwells, corridors, kitchens, service balconies and other concealed walls or in dedicated duct rooms.

Chimney flue
Chimney exhaust channel for stoves in buildings. The part of the flue beyond the roof is called the chimney. Various stoves that use coal firewood as fuel, such as stoves in kitchens, water rooms and boiler rooms, need to be provided with flues.

Air duct
Ducts in buildings that use natural ventilation for ventilation. Ventilation ducts should be provided to regulate air in toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms that emit water vapor, oil fume, or harmful gases, rooms with large crowds, and rooms with doors and windows closed in winter in cold areas.

Cable duct
Cable ducts can be installed either on the surface or on the surface. In order to use electricity safely and the interior is beautiful, it should be applied as dark as possible.

Goods delivery shaft
Dedicated hoistway in a building to transport specific items. The equipment of the hoistway depends on the goods being transported.
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