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Flux leakage techniques for seamless steel pipe
Date:2018-11-29      View(s):761      Tag:seamless steel pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe

Six main techniques in billet inspection of seamless steel pipe are eddy current technique, flux leakage technique, micro wave technique, optical technique, thermal technique, ultrasonic technique. Today, our main topic would focus on flux leakage one.


Magnetic particle inspection system would be here once we discuss flux leakage techniques. Of course, we should know that it is only suitable for cold billets. Through the method of scanning the surface directly or indirectly where a contacting tape transfers the magnetic image to a separate scanning head. Of course, temperature limit should be payed attention to too. For example, In either case there is a temperature limit imposed on the billet to ensure a satisfactory test. For more details, welcome to the website for looking. 

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