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Eni will continue to transport Algerian gas through the pipeline across Tunisia
Date:2019-07-31      View(s):536      Tag:line pipe
According to reports, Italian oil giant Eni has extended cooperation with the Tunisian government and intends to continue to transport Algerian gas until 2029.

Eni said on Tuesday that the agreement ensures the management and modernization of the gas pipeline across Tunisia.

Under the agreement, Eni will operate the pipeline through its subsidiary TTPC in the next decade.

The agreement follows the agreement to purchase natural gas and transportation in the Sicily Strait with Sonatrach last May and has completed a contractual framework that allows Eni to import Algerian gas into Italy.

The Trans-Tunisian pipeline was built in the early 1980s and then strengthened in several stages, consisting of two lines, 48 inches wide and 370 kilometers long, from the Atu border near OuedSaf to CapBon Cape, including 5 supercharged station.

The pipeline's transportation capacity is about 34 billion cubic meters per year, which contributes to the diversification of resources and energy transformation in the Italian market.
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