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Economic benefit coming from steel pipe
Date:2018-12-27      View(s):420      Tag:ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe, steel pipe

As summer approaches, the weather becomes hotter. We bought an air conditioner in our dormitory. When the installer installing the air conditioner, I asked him “What kind of pipe do you use?”. “copper pipe”, he answered. “And what kind of pipe is the water pipe?”, “like ERW steel pipe.”


And then I find there are many things are made of metal pipes in our dormitory. Among them, steel pipes uses most. At that night, I think the question “If there is no steel pipe in the world”:

I know that in recent years, more and more enterprises at home and abroad have replaced seamless pipe with steel pipe. Because of steel pipe, it greatly reduces our purchasing cost and improves our economic benefit.

I know it would be difficult for us to build a building without steel pipes. Steel pipe is widely used in the construction industry. Steel pipe is used in large shopping malls, theaters, airports and bridges and so on.

When we drive a car, we need to use steel pipe to discharge car exhaust. Especially for those steel pipes as our car can dissipate heat, and we can drive cars safely.

It would be wonderful with the company of steel pipes everyday. 

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