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Doing engineering project with steel pipe
Date:2018-12-14      View(s):408      Tag:ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe

In fact, it’s very important for us,we all know that we can do lots of things with steel pipe. From welded tube like ERW steel pipe to seamless type, we shall apply them among construction and other industries almost every minute.


Steel pipe industry is resource type industry, which transfers natural materials, such as ironstone, coal, etc, into steel able to be used directly. The shortage of natural resources and energy is one of the main barriers for the development of steel industry. Approximately half of Chinese steel consumption is in construction, most of which is for property development. The major contradiction faced today for the sustainable development of steel industry lies in the bottleneck of resources and the overburden of environment.

More importantly, any country cannot create profits if it wastes all of its natural resources. It is very urgent for human being to treasure and economize resources. Hereby, advocating the moral idea of thrift is the inevitable choice of contemporary modernization and ethical construction. As you can see, the objective is to promote conservation of natural resources. Believe it or not, steel pipe is to us what water is to fish.

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