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Do you know which markets use stainless steel pipes? Let's list some
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The stainless steel tubes have the most varied functions. So much so that this type of material is widely used in various sectors of industry. Such product is developed and made in the production of various machines, tools and accessories.


It is also not uncommon to find it in architectural and design projects, which aim at aesthetic boldness in their buildings. After all, besides being sturdy, stainless steel enables more modern and aseptic looks.


Check out the main markets that use stainless steel pipes.

1 ) Building and design

As mentioned above, stainless steel is widely used in the manufacture of construction objects and accessories. Gates of houses, businesses and apartments are produced with rectangular tubes. The same goes for metal furniture such as tables and chairs. Handrails also use stainless steel pipes in their production, as well as stairs, frames and mezzanines.


In sumptuous buildings, it is possible to notice the presence of stainless steel in its facade and details of the internal areas, such as halls. The stainless steel pipe can even be found in front of large buildings such as modern football stadiums around the planet.


2 ) Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Due to their high aseptic content, tubes are used in the production of medical accessories. Among which the trays and cabinets for surgical tools stand out. Some items for labs and pharmacies are also developed with the stainless steel tube.


3 ) Kitchen

The aesthetic and hygienic value of stainless steel also speaks louder to gastronomic items. The tube of this metal makes it possible to make kitchen accessories.


4 ) Automobile and machinery industry

The stainless steel round tube is predominant in car parts production lines. They are also found in the production of drive shafts, electronics parts and industrial machinery parts.


5 ) Pallet Truck

In the logistics sector, the stainless steel pipe is present and can be found in the shape of mechanical bushings. They are responsible for the pallet truck structure.

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