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Different Grade for different spiral welded pipe
Date:2018-11-16      View(s):1629      Tag:spiral steel pipe, welded steel tube

For category of API steel pipe, we can have a view for the spiral welded pipe today. And the range would conclude three main categories: API 5CT, API 5L PSL1 and API 5L PSL2. There would several grades for detailed discussion.


You need to have a clear understanding for API 5CT with grade of H40, J55 and K55. Their difference would be the tensile strength and yield strength. As for customers, we should have a text for our engineering project's strength text before purchase the relative steel pipes. So does for the picking up of API 5L PSL1 and API 5L PSL2. Due to the specific chemical composition, we would get various mechanical properties for the steel pipe. 

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