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Difference of UOE and JCOE
Date:2023-06-09      View(s):134      Tag:Difference of UOE and JCOE
The  difference of UOE and JCOE caused by the difference production process of them.

From the above two kinds of production process, the technical of them are nearly the same .The big difference is the molding method. UOE molding just made by two steps:U molding and O molding.JCOE molding made by six parts, the produce efficiency will be reduced much.Meanwhile, different molding methods ,lead the difference of diameter,thickness,size of appearance ,production efficiency and so on.

UOE and JCOE product specifications and production efficiency of comparison

The range of pipe diameter and thickness of JCOE is more than UOE.Reference of UOE,one set of O mold machine just could produce one diameter pipe,so the range of diameter and thickness is little smaller.About JCOE, the range is much bigger,and one set of mold machine could produce many kinds of diameters steel pipes. For JCOE steel tube forming is taken every time step way to shape bending machine bending need pressure to reduce greatly, thus the power to the unit for much less. So under the condition of the same unit pressure, can produce the wall thickness of JCOE is larger, and a set of mold can produce a variety of pipe diameter of steel pipe, but in the production of steel pipe diameter range to a larger. Baosteel O molding machine pressure up to 72000 t, is one of the world's largest stress O forming , the production of wall thickness can reach 40 mm. From the perspective of pipeline steel technology development at home and abroad, high grade, thin wall thickness is the inevitable developing trend of pipeline, the second line of west-east gas used in the  1219mm steel pipe is the largest diameter of steel tube, There is enough room of UOE production capacity .
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