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Derusting methods commonly used in seamless steel pipe
Date:2018-12-10      View(s):950      Tag:seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe

We provide different types of seamless steel pipe from structural steel pipeline to precision, boiler, mechanical and hydraulic tube. And it is clear for us that pipe's surface treatment would finally determine the useful life of the pipe.


Today, we’d like to share some common derusting methods with our customers.

Cleaning: We can use solvents and emulsions to clean the pipe's surface. Thus, oil, grease, dust, lubricants and similar organic matter can be moved. However, for the steel pipe's rust, oxide and welding in surface, we need to adopt other methods.

Pickling: Two methods of chemical and electrolytic for pickling treatment would help us to solve the problem of pipeline's corrosion. Although the surface can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness, but the anchor is shallow, and easy to cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

The tool rust: We can mainly use steel wire brush and other tools on the steel surface grinding to remove the loose oxide, rust, welding slag and so on.

Spray rust: Jet rust is driven by high-power motor jet high-speed rotation, so that steel shot, steel sand, wire section, minerals and other abrasives in the motor under the strong centrifugal force on the surface of the seamless steel pipe jet treatment, not only can completely remove the oxide, Rust and dirt, and seamless steel pipe in the abrasive impact and the role of friction, but also to achieve the required uniform roughness.

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