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Characteristics of galvanized pipes
Date:2019-09-03      View(s):571      Tag:galvanized pipes

This type of element is initially made of steel, as with the rest of similar products on the market, the difference that exists is that the galvanized tube is covered with a zinc material so that it is much more resistant to corrosion. Where else we can find this type of elements is in homes and buildings, where it is used to transport water.

This use is possible because, being coated with a layer of zinc, minerals will not be deposited on its surface and can never be clogged, thus helping to achieve a constant flow in the water pipe of our homes.

Some of the characteristics that stand out of galvanized pipes are: strength, firmness, great durability, ability to withstand extreme changes in temperature, resistance to pressure and destructive elements, can be used in any industry, its shape may vary according to its use . In this way, we can see how these features become great advantages that make it increasingly used in all industries in today's market.

If we focus on the manufacture of this type of elements, we will see that there are three main methods for its manufacture: stretched or seamless steel, with longitudinal seam and helical welding. The first is the most common way of manufacturing this type of elements, and therefore in the most commercialized worldwide. The second, although resistant, is the weakest part of the pipe and marks the maximum allowable tension. Finally, the third way of manufacturing the galvanized tube performs a non-straight weld, but runs through the pipe following it as if it were a thread. All options are correct as long as they meet customer needs.

Galvanized tube application

The galvanized tube can have different applications thanks to being a very versatile and high quality element. Among them, we can find the domestic environment, in which it is used to make pipes through which the gas, water, and any other material required are circulated.

On the other hand, in the industries this type of products is used mainly due to its great strength and resistance to sudden temperature changes. We must bear in mind that in the industries and factories this element will suffer much more, so it must be of the highest quality and guarantee the safety of all the people who work there.

As for less general applications, we can find galvanized pipe in the installation of fences, greenhouses, grating supports, gates and cages, among many other places.

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