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Carbon steel pipes: Types and applications
Date:2019-08-21      View(s):164      Tag:Carbon steel pipes
Carbon steel pipes have countless properties that make them ideal for various applications. They are highly resistant, malleable and inexpensive. Compared to PVC, they are much stronger and less expensive than stainless steel. In addition, they have a high resistance to pressure.

Seamless steel tubes: Seamless carbon steel tubes are used for steel-seam tubes mainly for the conduction of fluids and gases. In addition, they are applied in various industries such as, chemical industry, petrochemical, fishing, mining, energy sector, among other industries.
Steel tubes with seam: Carbon steel tubes with seam are used to transport structures, as well as fluids and liquids (water, steam and gas).

Main applications
These pipes are ideal for the conduction of fluids, such as water, gas, steam, air, oil, oil, petroleum products, treated waters, among others. In addition, they are also used as structural support for industrial buildings and roads.

Seamless-tubes Within industries, these are used to cover different needs such as:

Energy industry: Within this industry, steel pipes are used to drive the steam that is created in the generation of electricity and at the same time, to cool the towers in which this steam is generated.
Hydraulic industry: Steel pipes have the main function of transporting drinking water, as well as treated and black water.
Steel industry: These pipes are used to transport the water used to cool the mills and the steam that is released during the plant's processes.
Construction: Steel pipes are used as structural pipes and provide support to industrial buildings.
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