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Cannot image the life without steel pipe
Date:2018-10-10      View(s):262      Tag:ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe

There is a story about the pipe. Many years ago, there was a village where the water was one kilometer away, which make the villagers were very distressed. Finally, the head of the village and his predecessor talked about holding tenders and hiring people to provide water for villagers. As a result, two young people, Boboro and Bruno, won the bid. At first, they went to the river every day to fetch water, but later they felt inadequate. Finally one day, Boboro built a water pipe made by ERW steel pipe in the village in one year. The villagers only need to receive water under the faucet, which solved the problem of water resources in the village.


This shows how important steel pipes are to us. A village was saved by a pipe. Steel pipes are widely used in our lives. Gas and oil transmission need to be used in steel pipe so that our city can operate normally,because natural gas and oil can be transported to all parts of the country safely. If there is no steel pipe, the industry and people’s life will stop. People still need to make a fire to cook food, and the city is black. The tall buildings that can be seen everywhere in our city are made of steel pipes. The house we live in is so strong because it is built of steel pipes. And all kinds of entertainment and learning places are built of steel pipes. If there is no steel pipes in our life, we have no place to hide in the face of natural disasters.

The appearance of steel pipes is a symbol of the development of human society. I can’t image the life without steel pipe.

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