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Cannot image the life without steel pipe both ERW and seamless
Date:2018-10-30      View(s):718      Tag:seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe both ERW and seamless

I have never thought about this question that the steel pipes, from seamless steel pipe to welded type, vanish in the world, because we use them almost everywhere. Thus, I even cannot image the life without steel pipe.


In our daily life, we use them to transport gas to heat things; transport water, hot or cold, to wash things; convey the rainwater to keep free-flowing on roads and other places. In industry, we use them for firming the foundation of a building; and we use them for manufacturing, transport the less pressure liquid like factory equipment cooling water; besides, we can also use them to make furniture.

The ERW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe are necessities in the world. Currently, we have a total capital of RMB500 million, annual comprehensive output of 200,000 tons only in China, so we can learn that there is a massive need for the steel pipe. If there is no steel pipe in the world, there is no such kind of rugged system to transport water, gas, petroleum, convey the rainwater, build the foundation.

All in all, our life won’t be such convenient without the steel pipe. It plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life. It would be wonderful with the company of steel pipes everyday. 

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