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Benefit from steel pipe for industries
Date:2019-01-04      View(s):843      Tag:seamless steel pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe

Many customers would prefer steel pipe no matter seamless steel pipe or welded to plastic one. Why? This choice would benefit from steel pipeline’s strength and high quality for lots of engineering projects.


The choice for steel pipe has attested its quality for customers. High quality performance and advanced steel pipeline can be found on almost each kind of construction environment nowadays. For example, except delivering its highly trusted JIS steel pipe for building structures for a long time, steel pipe also offers earthquake-resistant, high-weldability steel pipe for customers. With guaranteed values of toughness, low yield ratio, yield point range, and other properties, these steel pipes have their huge market. In addition, we engage constantly and actively in R&D, so that we can deliver even more advanced and capable materials.

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