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Attention for the choosing of dimension for steel pipe flange
Date:2018-10-11      View(s):200      Tag:Steel flange/welding neck flange/ WN flange

Steel pipe flange would be one of the most important choice for customers once they are working on engineering project. Today, we would like to talk about the notice for the attention for the choosing of dimension for it.


Each kind of pipe flange would have a number of standard dimensions. Thus, we should choose according to the suitable types of steel tubes. For example, draftsman from Japan and work preparer from Canada would have different pipe flange according to the special standard demand. Thus, we should figure out which kind of dimension you need firstly. If the flange is ordered, the supplier want to know the material quality. For example ASTM A105 is a forged carbon steel flange, while A182 is a forged stainless steel flange.


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