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Application of seamless steel pipe 2
Date:2022-02-10      View(s):230      Tag:Application of seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe, SMLS
What principles should be followed in the application of seamless steel pipe?

Seamless steel pipe products should be applied in strict accordance with the material or performance, otherwise unnecessary economic losses may be caused. At present, the application of seamless steel pipe mainly complies with three aspects: 1. Chemical composition or; 2. Water pressure bearing capacity; 3. Mechanical properties.

Seamless steel pipes are mainly divided into: seamless steel pipes for conveying fluid, thin-walled seamless steel pipes for structure, thick walled seamless steel pipes and seamless steel pipes for special purposes.

Main application scope and function of seamless pipe: seamless steel pipe for fluid transportation: pipe used for transporting fluid, pipeline for transporting oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials, etc.

Seamless pipe for structure: used for thick wall seamless pipe and seamless steel pipe for general structure and mechanical structure.

Precision inner diameter seamless pipe for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder: it is used to make seamless steel pipe for oil cracking such as hydraulic equipment used in coal mine development, hydraulic cylinder and plunger for truck crane; seamless steel pipe for boiler pipe, heat exchanger seamless pipe and pipe in oil and refinery.
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