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Application of seamless steel pipe
Date:2022-09-30      View(s):408      Tag:Application of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a long strip of steel with a hollow section and no joints around it.

Steel pipes are divided into two types: hot-rolled and cold-drawn (rolled). Hot-rolled seamless pipes are generally processed on automatic lathes. The outer diameter and wall thickness have high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, uniform wall thickness, and can be fixed or doubled. The size of the cold-rolled (dial) seamless steel pipe is expressed by the external dimensions (such as outer diameter or side length) and wall thickness, and its size range is 2-200mm in diameter.

The use of seamless steel pipes is very common:

1. In general, seamless steel pipes are used for liquid pipelines or gas pipelines.

2. This type of pipeline can be used when the fluid needs to be transported.

3. These types of pipe materials are often used in building construction.

4. It is used more in the chemical industry.

5. It is also used more in some special environments.

6. There are also some places where the mechanical structure is used more, and this type of pipe will also be used.

7. There are also industries such as automobile manufacturing that often use this type of pipe.

The material of seamless steel pipe is 1020#, 20#a~40#a and b-42crmo, 12cr1mov, 10crmo910, 15crmo, 35crmo and other seamless pipes, alloy pipe is an upgraded product of seamless steel pipe, due to its performance ratio Ordinary seamless steel pipes are more excellent and are widely used in oil and natural gas industries as line pipes for transporting petroleum gas and heat-resistant alloy pipes for high-pressure boilers!

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