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Alloy steel pipe can be used for transportation of different substances
Date:2022-01-04      View(s):176      Tag:alloy steel pipe, alloy pipe, alloy pipe used for transportation
Alloy steel pipes can be used to transport different substances, mainly including the following:

1. Transportation of solid particles and powders - anti-wear, impact resistance, self lubrication, anti adhesion, sanitation and cleanliness, impact absorption, good silencing effect, good resistance to environmental stress cracking, light weight, which can be applied to various industries, such as anti-wear transportation of solid particles and powders in food processing, oil raw material processing, wine making raw materials, medicine, building materials chemical industry, stone ore powder, raw salt and other industries.

2. Slurry transportation - anti-wear, impact resistance, self lubrication, no scaling, good resistance to environmental stress cracking, internal pressure resistance, rust prevention, used in various transportation industries to prolong the service life, slurry solid-liquid mixture transportation in huanjiankang industry, and solve the problems of wear, corrosion and scaling of alloy anti-wear steel pipes in the transportation process, such as coal, mining slurry transportation, coal water slurry transportation Fly ash transportation of thermal power plant, river and lake dredging, municipal sewage dredging, salt making and chemical slurry transportation, etc.

3. Liquid transportation -- taking advantage of the advantages of, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, self lubrication, good resistance to environmental stress cracking, compression resistance and portability, it can be used for fluid transportation in various industries, such as transportation of various corrosive media in the chemical industry, transportation of crude oil and product oil in the petroleum industry, ships in coastal areas (containing a large amount of halogen containing air and sea water seriously corrodes steel pipes), port pipelines Seawater utilization, municipal water supply and drainage, etc.
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