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Advantages of seamless steel pipes
Date:2019-08-22      View(s):591      Tag:seamless steel pipes
Steel pipes are ideal for transporting fluids such as gas, water, air and waste. They have excellent properties, which allows them to adapt to any type of application and installation.

There are two types of steel pipes, seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes. Seamless steel pipes are manufactured through the passage of liquid steel through a rod to create a hollow tube. They offer a series of advantages that guarantee the effectiveness of the process or installation. In Primesteeltube, we share some of the main advantages:

Because they have a much more homogeneous microstructure, seamless steel pipes are capable of withstanding high pressure levels.
These tubes manage to maintain their round cross section, so the installation, as well as the addition of accessories to the pipe is much simpler.
Unlike seamless pipes, seamless steel pipes are much more efficient and firm.
These types of pipes have fewer points of failure. Therefore, pressure calculations are easier to perform. This is also due to the quality of the weld, which is out of the equation.
Compared to sewn pipes, these types of tubes do not usually have failures or leaks, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the application.
They are resistant to corrosion and develop good integral performance.
They have excellent cold and heat machining performance.
They are ideal for the chemical, petrochemical, fisheries, as well as for the mining and energy sectors.
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