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AISI 304 is not a steel suitable for brackish environments
Date:2019-11-15      View(s):551      Tag:AISI 304

One of the most valuable grades of austenitic stainless steel is AISI 304, and is part of a category of alloys characterized by the presence of a percentage of Nikel between 8% and 14% and chromium between 17% and 19% but also small amounts of molybdenum.


The main feature of AISI 304 is its high resistance to corrosion in particular in aggressive environments, it is also used in breeding, poultry or pig farming plants, whose sewage is particularly aggressive.


The alloy of AISI 304 is particularly stable chemically and this allows a duration that is unthinkable for other materials, it is therefore used in particular for the construction of pipes in the chemical sector, but also for food. This allows them to be sanitized even with products that could be aggressive in other cases.


The only limitation of AISI 304 steel is its low resistance to pitting, ie aggression in a brackish environment, therefore it is not very suitable in marine environments or near the sea.

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