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A Variety of the Flange
Date:2019-05-31      View(s):857      Tag:Flange
Flange has been widely used for the connections between ends of the pipelines for considering about the convenience for assembly and disassembly. Actually, there is a variety of types with excellent functionality and inter-changeability. They all have been designed and manufacture to meet the generally increasing requirements. Some are used just for connecting, while some are applied to shut off or close the pipe.

The common main category used is called the pipe flanges. Although there are a lot of the available manufacturing standards, the pipe flanges are usually made to the standards called the ASME B16.5 or ASME B16.47. Depending on the characteristics of the forging materials, a wide range of the size and pressure class of this component has been manufactured. Besides, the vacuum flange is also popular in many aspects of the various industries. It is the kind which is placed at the end of a tube to connect vacuum chambers, tubing and vacuum pumps to each other.

Actually, the materials used to manufacture this component vary in a rather wide range. The material called the carbon steel is usually appreciated. Carbon steel is mainly the alloy of the carbon and steel. Or it can be said this alloy has taken great advantages of both the features of the steel and that of the carbon. The steel leads the carbon steel flange to be able to bear high working temperature, because the steel can become harder and stronger through heating treating. And the carbon makes it possible to reduce the welding ability effectively.

In words, the flanges are doing their contributions to the development of the whole modern industries. There is no doubt that this mechanical component would be popular to more applications.

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