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Breakthrough industry, production capacity is top priority
Date:2016-12-26      View(s):1435      Tag:shinestar steel,prime steel,galvanized steel pipe
Breakthrough industry, production capacity is top priority
From 2016 to productivity level, the steel industry to capacity effect have been revealed. Like serial games, capacity to affect the price of the iron and steel, steel prices led to the performance of the listed steel companies, steel enterprise performance stabilization after someone willing to take out money to invest, and wait for the investment companies become bigger and stronger, to consolidate and promote again to capacity, linked together.
Actually, regardless of the performance of steel mills, steel prices, steel market rebound is not achieved overnight, but thanks to the supply side the implementation of the reform, the reform from a long-term perspective, the sword refers to the current China's economic "stubborn", is of great benefit for health and vitality of the economy in our country, although the short-term touches some businesses, the interests of the individual, but to allow once lose energy in the steel industry again see the hope, is that the supply side the correct reform direction.
Shinestar of institute said ,the rise in steel prices this year, from the international view, accompanied by a gradual recovery in the world economy, steel demand has increased, and the increase in the price of iron ore is pushing up the cost of steel products. From the domestic situation, some infrastructure construction projects in China continue to launch is clearly support the demand for steel. In addition, our country is carried out with unprecedented efforts to cut the excess capacity, the relevant measures gradually, the policy effect appeared gradually. In cutting excess capacity at the same time, China will adopt comprehensive measures to expand steel products consumption. These factors have brought good to steel market expectations, to make spiral pipe, spiral pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive spiral pipe, large diameter spiral pipe, double-sided submerged arc spiral welded pipe product price promotion play a role.
To enter in 2017, with the elimination of excess capacity expanded, phase out plan must extend to the device during the season. And, at present, China's steel industry capacity elimination behind work basically completed, and as the backward production capacity in the directory, and in the project, in commodities and against the background of macroeconomic recovery, will lead to the production task is difficult to implement, or false.
To get rid of the current predicament, iron and steel industry in addition to production to reduce, the iron and steel industry must proceed from their own, to transformation and upgrading. Shinestar of iron and steel group will grasp the opportunity, and strive to produce more high-quality spiral pipe, spiral pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive spiral pipe, large diameter spiral pipe, double-sided submerged arc spiral welded pipe and other products. In addition, the steel mills and "Internet +" depth fusion. Towards a service-oriented manufacturing through the transformation and upgrading, the steel industry, the Internet technology in iron and steel industry operating system, open up the innovation patterns such as e-commerce, realize the manufacturing enterprises, the Internet and information technology service enterprises cross-border joint between, promote innovation resources, production capacity and market demand of intelligent matching and efficient coordination.
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