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Shinestar Won 2016 Alibaba Hundreds of Millions ISPS Award
Date:2016-12-25      View(s):2355      Tag:shinestar steel,prime steel,galvanized steel pipe
Shinestar Won 2016 Alibaba Hundreds of Millions ISPS Award
Dec 23, 2016, looking for new foreign trade in Hunan and 2016 annual Hunan network business awards ceremony held in Changsha, about a hundred foreign trade enterprises attended the meeting, Shinestar won 2016 "Hundreds of Millions ISPS Award ", the Executive Director of Shinestar Wang Li was invited to attend and receive the award.
The awarding activity is hosted by the Kaifu District People's Government, supported by Alibaba. The activities summed up the development of 2016 Hunan foreign trade business model, commended some foreign trade enterprises' outstanding achievement in e-commerce. It has promulgated the "Annual Top Ten ISPS," "Special Contribution Award", "Ten Million ISPS Award" and "Hundreds of Millions ISPS Award " and other eight awards. Shinestar won "Hundreds of Millions ISPS Award " with excellent sales performance, as well as the special contributions to develop Hunan e-commerce, which has been warmly concerned by the on-the-spot guest.
Shinestar is based in China,service global production of large steel enterprises, is committed to global customers with high quality steel products and services.In 2016, although the environment is not good, many companies have encountered had difficulties and challenges, but Shinestar has successfully bucked the trend,Steel sales exceeded 4 billion yuan, more gains of the 2016 "Hunan top 100 enterprises "award.Behind these achievements, the role played by e-commerce is pivotal. E-commerce for Shinestar to create more business opportunities to help brands better open visibility, but also to bring effective and convenient management of the Shinestar, in terms of reducing the cost of marketing is playing a significant role.
Shinestar Steel Group CEO Wang Li said Shinestar either from capital investment or talent reserves have attached great importance to the development of E-commerce,  has achieved preliminary results,2016 through the electric business platform for sales performance is proved by leaps and bounds.But e-commerce in the steel industry is  still in the early stages of development, great potential, in the end how to do, how to do a good job, is a very worthy of study. Shinestar also in unceasing exploration,  hope can be in the future and electricity business elite, industry experts to explore and research.
The Shinestar won "Hundreds of Millions ISPS Award "  honor,both a positive result of the past, but also an encouragement for future development. Shinestar will take this as a new starting point, continue to promote the development of e-commerce, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.To create "century of  steel enterprises in the field of overall service bench marking", and continuous efforts.
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