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Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute
Date:2016-12-18      View(s):2512      Tag:shinestar steel, prime steel,galvanized steel pipe
Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute
If Shinestar is a ship sailing in the sea, then the company management is the captain lead the direction. In 2016, Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute has been founded, which is the first independent institute been set by enterprise. It will provide technical support to Shinestar to promote our company to a new level.
Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute belongs to the Chinese steel industry regional industry organization, will strictly follow the party's policies to service steel industry and social, adhere to innovation and development, establish and perfect industry coordination and self-discipline Mechanism to safeguard the interests of the industry as a whole and the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. Developing our role in the industry between enterprises, and continuously improve the competitiveness of China's steel industry in the international market and promote the healthy development of the steel industry.
The service scope of Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute including:
Firstly, according to the relevant state policies and regulations, combined with industry characteristics, make rules for industry regulations and establish industry self-regulatory mechanism, constantly regulate the industry behavior. Especially in the promotion of industrial restructuring, elimination of backwardness, promote technological progress, strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection, improve the quality of industry operation, etc. 
Secondly, carrying out industry research, participate in the development of industry development planning, industrial policies and regulations for the government and industry to strengthen macro-control and management , for policy support.
Thirdly, collecting, collating, grading release domestic and international steel industry market conditions and industry information. Monitoring the economic operation of the industry trend, to carry out special studies. Offering service to iron and steel enterprises in the management, development strategies and economic and technical indicators for analysis and evaluation.
Fourth, actively participate in the formulation, revision of the industry on technology, economy, management standards, norms, organizations to promote the implementation of member units to carry out inspection, assessment work.
Fifth, actively participate in the industry of major investment, transformation, development projects of the advanced nature, feasibility and feasibility of the early demonstration. Promote scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and product development, the development of common industry technology organizations and the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements.
Sixth, organize sale's training, research and development trade skills, job evaluation standards and assessment, organize the steel industry vocational skills competitions, improve the professional and technical of staffs.
Seventh, actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with international organizations and overseas enterprises, keep in touch with international steel industry organizations, exchange information, negotiation, promote foreign economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, and organize companies to participate in international exhibitions.
Eighth, commissioned by the industry, according to the law to carry out the steel industry statistics, investigation, analysis and reporting and other jobs. Representation or coordination of anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures related work, coordination of iron ore imports, coordination of iron and steel products import and export.
In the future, Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute will continue to enlarge the team, engage professors for consultancy, cooperate with domestic and foreign steel industry experts for management consulting, market research, management training, customer survey and competitor investigation. For all-round support for the wisdom of China's steel industry to contribute to the development. 
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