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The change in Chinese steel in 2016
Date:2016-12-07      View(s):1554      Tag:steel industry, Chinese steel industry, steel pipe industry

2016 is approaching the end of the blink of an eye.In 2016, Chinese iron and steel industry has experienced great change in a year, the actual situation and we predicted last year have a lot of difference, today shinestar Steel Research Institute to talk about the change of China's iron and steel in 2016.

The first change in iron and steel production, prices, consumption, exports have emerged before the phenomenon of low high, beyond the expectations of most people.Steel output fell 5.7% year-on-year to February last year, from the beginning of March last month over the same period last year, to October, the national iron and steel production increased by 0.73%.Steel prices at the end of last year to the lowest point in March this year, the rapid correction, the end of April reached its highest point, up 55% from the end of last year.With the rapid rise of coal price in advance, the recent iron ore prices also rebounded sharply, the steel index last week, close to the highest, close to 90 points.From the apparent consumption point of view, the first half of this year, in addition to May apparent consumption is positive growth of 1.74%, all months are down.Table steel consumption from January to October increased by 1.74%.In the first half of Chinese steel exports increased 9.5% over the same period last year, March monthly year-on-year decline in January to October, our exports over the same period last year increased by 0.7%.

The second is the change of macro Fundamentals.GDP close to the expected results, the original is expected to be 123, the 6.5% quarter average of 6.7%.At the end of last year's expectations are too pessimistic, and the actual situation there are differences, we are looking for this reason.There are two reasons that shinestar Steel Research institute:

First, the basic surface by the local and the rhythm of the impact, resulting in a micro change.For example, the price of coal, due to reduced supply, steel demand, electricity demand increased after entering the three quarter, the supply and demand imbalance in the short term, plus the road load limit and other factors, the price of coal rose 2-3 times. Many iron ore prices also rose.The total supply and demand situation has not changed, the iron ore a short time to do the adjustment, the coal may fluctuate a little longer to do the adjustment.

Second, the industry has emerged the momentum of the balanced development of the industrial chain.Last year, a lot of steel enterprises sales profit margin is negative 0.5, 1-9 months of this year into a positive 1.2, the downstream sales profit margins are still about 6%.This year shinestar Steel Group's outstanding performance, Angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel and other products of outstanding performance.However, due to the rapid increase in costs, steel sales profit in the rapid decline.From the industrial chain, we need to maintain a stable and balanced development period, if the steel and then go on, the steel industry chain on the downstream is extremely unfavorable.Therefore, the industrial chain needs the joint efforts of all parties to maintain the pattern of mutual benefit and mutual benefit in the upper and lower reaches.

In the face of the upcoming 2017, shinestar of optimistic. The influence of many factors, changes and fluctuations are normal, shinestar will strive to do their own, continue to develop better angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel and other products, to meet customer demand more and bigger challenges.
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