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What is China's Steel Industry Competition?
Date:2016-12-07      View(s):1598      Tag:steel industry, steel pipe industry, carbon steel pipe industry

As the global steel production center, consumer center and export center, although china is facing great challenges, but it still have strong competition in global market.
Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute said that China's steel production accounted for half of the world, the most important reason is the economic development. China’s economy list the second in the world, the rapid of economy development creat huge market demand for iron and steel. China's manufacturing list on the top since 2012, it main rely on steel and other industry production. Technical support is important too, no other country has such rich labor and land as China, including the development of iron and steel capital.

Since the global economy need long time to adjustment, then the demand of iron and steel production declined, which leads to low capacity, low industry efficiency, although has improved recently but nothing changed in nature.Global steel production is 10.33% from Jan to Oct 2016, China increased by 0.7%, the global utilization is less than 70%, capital-intensive industry capacity utilization is only 79%. It is the global steel consumption situation nowadays, hunan shinestar steel research institute forecast that the global steel consumption will be around 1.5 billion in the future.

Now the world's steel into a new long period of steady development, steel still is the most important structural materials and functional materials, other materials can not replace it in short time, we still full of confidence in steel whether in production or trade. China's steel has global competition, mainly in: 1. Market size, there is no such a huge market as China, mainly in cars and infrastructure, huge market size is our steel industry unique advantage. 2. China's steel industry has formed a complete industrial system, supporting the development of other industry. 3. China's steel supplier is the world's most advanced, whether talk about systematic, sophisticated, large-scale, automation, environmental friendly and continuous, as well as the world's best equipment. China pay attention to protect metallurgical ecological resources, from innovation platform research and development system and service system. For example, shinestar holding group, always provide best service to customer, which makes its carbon steel pipe, welded pipe, pipe, galvanized pipe and other quality products more favored by customers, this is the China's unique competition. We will keep it.

As a new force in the international steel market,  Shinestar products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Africa. They are carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe and galvanized pipe and so on. Shinestar looking forward to work with more and more international customers to carry out more extensive and close cooperation.
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