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Steel Pipe in China
Date:2016-12-06      View(s):1434      Tag:steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, seamless carbon steel pipe

China has become the world's first steel exporter. In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period affected by the financial crisis and Europe and the United States and other countries of the anti-dumping policy in 2009, exports have been in a downturn, but with the world economy and steel products further structural adjustment, as well as Southeast Asia, The development of the market in South America and other places in 2010, exports rebounded sharply, I believe the unity of the steel industry, coordination, self-discipline will increase exports to China's steel industry benefits, the market further expanded, while the price difference between imports and exports will be further reduced.

According to incomplete statistics, to the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of China has a variety of seamless steel pipe equipment 593 sets (including construction projects), the design capacity of 24 million t, of which 25 sets of continuous rolling unit, the entire rolling unit Of the production capacity has more than 15 million t. In the "Eleventh Five-Year" period to build a number of new units, precision pipe mill, Aseel, large-scale extrusion unit, large-diameter expansion pipe and other units to further enhance the level of China's seamless steel pipe equipment, improved product structure, Improve the ability to occupy the international market, product quality ranks the world's leading level. Welded pipe, there are 44 manufacturers, 363 sets of units, the design capacity of 26.5 million t, so that the level of pipe equipment in the forefront of the world, and thus make our steel products in the world play a leading role.
steel pipe in China

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