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Corrosion Properties of Welded Carbon Steel Pipe
Date:2016-12-04      View(s):1430      Tag:steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, carbon steel pipe manufacturer

T-welded carbon steel pipe containing Ni in the acidic environment, strong corrosion resistance in the presence of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid environment, the T-shaped welded carbon steel pipe in the higher the content of Ni, the stronger the corrosion resistance. In the general environment, only in the T-shaped welded steel pipe to add Cr to prevent the phenomenon of erosion. The poor edge of the strip is another cause of the wrong side of the important reasons. Mass flow rate, heat flux, and structural parameters (helical curvature diameter and T / D ratio) on the saturated bubble boiling heat transfer coefficient in the vertical spiral tube were investigated.

Welded carbon steel pipe in the production, the wrong side occurs, its impact on many factors. In the production practice, often by the wrong side of the wrong side of the steel pipe downgrade. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the cause of the spiral steel pipe misalignment and its prevention measures.

As the non-cutting edge of the steel head and tail of the shape and size of poor precision, butt can easily lead to hard-bending caused by the wrong side. Three kinds of vertical T-welded steel pipe: diameter D = 10mm, T-shaped welded pipe diameter of the curvature of the diameter and diameter of the spiral diameter changes were Dc (diameter of pipe diameter D = 10mm, pipe length L = 660mm) / D = 15,20,25, helical pitch Pt = 20mm, tube length L = 503mm, L = 660mm, L = 817MM. Saturated flow rate G = 200 ~ 400Kg / (m'2 · s), heat flux q = 5 ~ 15KW / m'2, saturation pressure p, saturation = 0.414880MPa, saturation temperature T, saturation = 283.15K.
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