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Steel stock pick-up, the demand for straight seam welded steel pipe into the off-season
Date:2016-11-27      View(s):1707      Tag:steel pipe, welded steel pipe, straight seam welded steel pipe

After the National Day holiday, the "bifocal" strong rise in the lead, the Straight Seam Welded Pipe (including ERW steel pipe and LSAW steel pipe) market has set off a wave of rally. The interpretation of the market is more uniform, that the high cost of steel coke makes its demand for high-grade Welded Steel Pipe increased, and the Straight Seam Welded Pipe Port inventory in the case of record high still exist in the structure of high-grade straight seam welded steel pipe shortage .

We intercepted the Tangshan secondary metallurgical coke spot prices in the June 15, 2012 to November 14, 2016 within the four rise time and four down time period, with the same period of Rizhao Port 61.5% PB powder price correlation analysis . The results show that the time-weighted average correlation coefficients of coke and LSAW are 0.81 and 0.66 respectively in the above-mentioned time periods, which indicates that the correlation between the coke and LWW pipe is only moderately correlated , While the decline in the market, the correlation significantly increased. In addition, according to July this year and this year 2-4 months of the two coke rally, coke and straight seam welded pipe prices are more than 0.7 correlation, for the strength-related. From the data level, the rise in coke prices to a certain extent, pushed up the Longitudinal Welded Pipe prices.

From the cost control of the ironmaking process, there are many factors that affect the full cost in the ironmaking process. Under different charge environment and technical condition, the enterprise will choose different methods of maximizing the profit according to the specific situation. Related documents show that when the 2500 cubic meters of blast furnace into the furnace grade of 50% -56.4% when the straight seam welded pipe grade for each additional 1%, coke ratio fell 1.74%, hot metal production increased 2.39%, tons of iron slag Can reduce 30 kg. When the grade of Welded Welded Pipe is increased from 56.4% to 57.4%, the increase of molten iron output is 3%, and it is approximately linear. According to the relevant literature of ironmaking industry, the impact of concentrate technology on blast furnace production index is about 70%, the level of workers' operation is 10%, and the modern management level, equipment operation level and other external factors together account for 20%. Therefore, even if the way to reduce the coke ratio is varied, such as to improve the smelting strength, improve air temperature, improve the fixed carbon content of coke, but in the current high price of coke background, to improve the ore into the ore cost-effective Lifting significantly more than the other.
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