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Industrial Analysis for ERW Steel Pipe
Date:2016-11-26      View(s):1510      Tag:erw steel pipe, erw weld pipe, erw welded pipe

Through research this year Q345B erw pipe industry downstream of more than 20 industries consumption, can be found, infrastructure construction and the automotive industry is the main incremental source of steel consumption this year, the real estate industry, the hot situation mainly from the sales rise, rather than the construction area and A significant increase in investment. Overall, as of October, the cumulative consumption of steel during the year and the same period last year. However, in December 2015, the domestic major research institutions for this year's Q345B erw pipe industry demand forecast is basically a slap, which is due to the data show that from January to November, fixed assets investment and steel demand growth is weak As expected. As a result, "to the stock of the road is still difficult and long" "economic restructuring period, the slow growth of investment" for the 2016 Q345B erw pipe industry's basic forecast. In view of this, the major steel mills in the "contraction of supply" policy, have lowered the raw material inventory and crude steel production.
By comparing the five major domestic steel mills four major raw material inventory changes, can be found in 2016, four kinds of raw materials inventory available days are less than the past four years. Among them, the coal industry and Q345B erw pipe production capacity to the rhythm are different, injection of coal and coking coal inventory levels fell more significantly than in previous years. 2016 steel mills generally adapt to the state of low inventory of raw materials, raw material inventories increased in April is due to the current real estate market than expected warmer, but in May the real estate market indicators fell, the steel did not change the whole Year economic expected cold tone, maintaining a low inventory of raw materials line.

However, the first three quarters of the economic data than expected, the overall demand for Q345B downstream than the beginning of the expected steel mills, steel mills in profit continued to improve, "replenishment" stage seems to come earlier than expected. As a result, demand for warmer than expected, long-term low inventory of raw materials, the gradual tightening of coal supply and other factors, the steel mills compete for raw materials, and increase production, crude steel production for the first time during the year from negative to positive Also confirms this point. Coexistence of a variety of positive factors, the black outbreak of the entire industrial chain is inevitable.
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