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ERW Welded Steel Pipe Price Analysis
Date:2016-11-25      View(s):1410      Tag:erw steel pipe, erw welded pipe, erw welded steel pipe

Last week, the domestic market price of ERW welded pipe has experienced a sharp decline, including rebar, hot rolled coil and other varieties of the national average weekly price fell more than 3%, the futures market price is surging, rebar 1701 contract price from High 3220 fell to 2697 yuan / ton, down 523 yuan / ton, the largest decline of 16.2%. Iron ore, 1701 contract fell from 656.5 to 524.5 yuan / ton, the largest decline of 20%; the spot market, iron ore prices fell nearly 10% of the price of iron ore, , While the spot price of coke rose 8.6% contrarian.

It should be said that this round of falling prices in the expected, but the magnitude of price volatility and market rhythm of the conversion may exceed expectations. November 12, ascribed to sell into the night still makes people tremble with fear, when the superposition of speculative capital frenzy, the futures market, "a feather" is not difficult to imagine. Go back to think about logic, everything is so natural, so reasonable. On the one hand, the Development and Reform Commission held a meeting to urge the coal enterprises to secure supply; on the one hand, the three major futures exchanges frequently increased margin, transaction fees, and limit the number of open hand; In addition, the superimposed seasonal off-season consumption of Longitudinal Longitudinal decline, Of the ferrous metal futures prices fall also a matter of course.
The present situation, the basic Longitudinal Welded Pipe market to determine the winter mode, that is, downstream demand, especially the construction of Welded Pipe shrinkage of consumption can be expected. 237 traders last week, the average daily trading volume of 13.08 million tons of construction, down 22.6% WoW, although the decline in volume and prices fell sharply there is a greater correlation, but the northern part of the winter model has been established, Construction sites are increasingly unsuitable for construction.
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