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SSAW Steel Pipe Manufacturer
Date:2016-11-19      View(s):1456      Tag:SSAW Steel Pipe,galvanized steel pipe,prime steel pipe

"Internet+Steel"Full Impact SSAW Steel Pipe Manufacturers                                                                        

The SSAW steel pipe manufacturers because the steel market downturn, the steel trade team is facing a major reshuffle.According to statistics, the number of the country's steel trade has reduced from 200000 to 100000  or so.

China's iron and steel industry in the traditional trade mode is "resources for the king, to produce a certain sales", leading to the level of iron and steel circulation, high cost, low efficiency of processing and distribution links.Along with our country economy from the rapid growth into the new normal, steel consumption into the platform, the steel market has serious oversupply, steel trade mode into the "channel is king, sales prospects.In the face of the traditional iron and steel industry chain information asymmetry, there are a large number of circulation areas to improve efficiency, reduce the cost of the value of space.

At present, China's iron and steel enterprises, iron and steel trading business and the total number of third square steel electric business platform has been close to 300.In the iron and steel industry shift from a seller's market to buyer's market environment, the steel business platform with the "steel+Internet", greatly enhance the efficiency of the transaction, eliminate the information asymmetry, reduce logistics cost, provides financial supply chain solutions, the accumulation of large data information more and more.

The main way of the traditional steel trade profit is "the difference price .", in the steel business platform appeared after the high stock up, gambling market, earn price difference of profit model has been difficult to work.The steel business platform for quotations transparent, transparent transactions, terminal customers can on the platform to find cheaper, more convenient transaction quality resources, breaking the traditional steel trade enterprises using the circulation pattern of information asymmetry "the difference price ".

China's strategy of "Internet " is put forward and the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" mentioned "expand the network economic space, promote the innovation in the supply chain, logistics chain", for the iron and steel business development provides a good policy environment.Relevant institutional analysis pointed out that the steel industry will enter the supply chain optimization period, due to the diversified demand of the terminal steel enterprises, steel trading business in the whole supply chain link will occupy an indispensable position.

At present, China's steel industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties, weak market demand, serious excess capacity, high circulation costs, the main business losses, corporate profits decline, the industry risk is increasing.How to select the appropriate development strategy, and promote the steel industry out of the plight of the industry as a whole is facing the common problems.Shinestar Steel Group as one of the earliest South regional independent production of spiral pipe manufacturers, breaking the northern spiral pipe monopoly, is constantly using the integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, constantly study new ways of production and business model.Therefore, the Internet+ steel is bound to have an irresistible influence on the strategic choice of iron and steel enterprises.
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