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Steel Pipe Age Hardening
Date:2016-11-17      View(s):1695      Tag:Steel Pipe,galvanized steel pipe,API line pipe manufacturer
Steel Pipe Age Hardening

What is age hardening? Age hardening is happened when melting at high temperatures in iron and a small amount of nitrogen and carbon. With the time spending, age hardening is precipitated gradually from the pure iron. The formaton of free carbides and nitrides. The plastic deformation of the matrix from the containment, so that the strength of steel increased plastic. Therefore, the steel products toughness, plastic, strength decreased. This phenomenon becomes age hardening, commonly know as aging. 

Age hardening process is generally very long, but if the plastic deformation after heating, the aging hardening can develop very fast. This method called artificial aging. In duplex stainless steel, the α-phase region shrinks with decreasing temperature. Quenching retained α phase, by low temperature γ precipitation for the provision of age-hardening possibilities. The gamma-precipitate is a hardening component. This phenomenon allows the alloy to have a full alpha phase at temperatures above 1200 ° C and a balanced α + γ phase at lower temperatures.

As a leading steel pipe manufacturer in Chine, Shinestar has used the method of artificial aging to decrease the steel pipe toughness, plastic and strength. 


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