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Alloy Steel
Date:2016-11-16      View(s):1318      Tag:Alloy Steel Pipe,Steel Pipe Manufacturer,galvanized steel pipe
Alloy Steel
All steels contain carbon and small amounts of silicon, sulfur, manganese and phosphorus. Steels which contain intentional additions of elements other than these, or in which silicon and manganese are present in large amounts for the express purpose of improving or altering any of the physical or mechanical properties of the steel, are termed alloy steels.

Alloy Steel Pipe
Alloy steel pipe is one kind of seamless steel pipe, which can divided into structural seamless pipe and high pressure heat resistance alloy pipe. The difference between this two type of alloy steel pipe is from the alloy pipe production standars and application industry. The alloy pipe annealing, quenching and tempering difference can change the pipe mechanical properties. To achieve the required processing condition, the performance of the pipe is changeable. Alloy tube has more Cr chemical compostion containing, which lead to high temperature, low temperature, corrosion resistance performance. Therer are no alloying components or alloying elements in the plain carbon steel pipe. Alloy pipe is widely used in petroleum, aerospace, chemical industry, electric power, boiler and military industry due to its changeable mechanical properties. 

Steel Pipe Manufacturer

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