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Petro China and Malaysia has sighed Sabah Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Date:2016-11-09      View(s):1539      Tag:Gas Pipeline,prime steel pipe
On the afternoon of November 1, 2016, under the witness of Premier Li Keqiang and Malaysian Prime Mnister Najib Razak, The deputy general manageer of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) Liu Hongbin and the Chairman of Strategic Energy Co., Ltd of Sulia Mohammad Evan Seriga Abu, on behalf of the two companies, have dual signed the Contract for the Construction and Trail Operation of Sabah Gas Pipeline Project and the Contract for Construction and Commissioning of Multu-medium Pipeline Project in Beijing.

Sabah gas pipeline and multi-media pipeline is the Malaysian federal government-led projects. Under the agreement, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau will EPCC way to undertake the construction of these two pipeline projects.


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