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Carbon Steel Alloy-ASTM A53
Date:2016-11-06      View(s):1532      Tag:Carbon steel pipe manufacturer,galvanized steel pipe,Carbon steel pipe

ASTM A53 is a carbon steel alloy,used as structural steel or for low-pressure plumbing.The alloy specifications are set by ASTM international,in specifications ASTM A53/A53M.
A53 pipe comes in three types and two grades,A53 Type F,which is longitudinally furnace butt welded or continuous welded(Grade A only),A53 Type E,which is longitudinally electric resistance welded(Grades A and B),and A53 Type S,which is seamless pipe,produced by hot working,and possibly cold finishing,the steel(Grade A and B).ASTM A53 pipe is sized according to the nominal pipe size(NPS)system.It is commonly available with national pipe thread ends or with plain cut ends.It can be used for steam,water,and air conveyance.It is also weldable and can be used in structural application,although ASTM A500 tube,which is available in the same NPS
Sizes,is sometime preferred.
This is a standard set by the standards organization ASTM international,a voluntary standards development organizations that sets technical standards for materials,products,systems,and service.


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