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Advantage of Butt Welding Pipe Fittings
Date:2016-10-31      View(s):2122      Tag:pipe fittings, steel pipe fittings, butt welding pipe fittings

Comparing to other types of steel pipe fittings, butt welding pipe fittings has advantages:

1.Butt welding joint is permanently leakproof and strong.
2.Continuous steel structure of the joints between the pipes and fittings have a good strength in the piping system.
3.The butt welding pipe fittings commonly have a smooth surface and gradual directional changes, it will decrease the pressure losses and turblence of the system, and protect from the corrosion and erosion.
4.The butt welding pipe fittings have a lower cost in bugdet.
5.The butt welding joints have a smaller space in the system. 

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